A Dangerous Fortune a Book by Ken Follett

A Dangerous Fortune

When tragedy strikes in 1866 at the exclusive Windfield School involving a small circle of boys. The tragedy and its aftermath intertwines the lives of these boys and many others causing the aftermath to span three decades. With the tragedy leading to a spiral of treachery among London’s most wealth banking families it leads to … Continue reading A Dangerous Fortune

The Martian a book by Andy Weir

The Martian

Being one of the first people to walk and live on Mars was exciting enough for astronaut Mark Watney. However, after a dust storm that nearly kills him and forces his crew to leave without him Watney finds himself stranded on Mars all alone. With no way to signal to Earth he is alive Watney … Continue reading The Martian

Books You Need to Read Before Their 2017 Movie

Live by Night by Dennis Lehane Live by Night is the tale of the making of a gangster in the Prohibition Era of the Roaring Twenties. Release date January 13, 2017, see the trailer here Starring Ben Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Scott Eastwood, and Sienna Miller The Circle by Dave Eggers The Circle follows tech worker … Continue reading Books You Need to Read Before Their 2017 Movie

Zoo by James Patterson


With increasing numbers of animal on human attacks occurring Jackson Oz struggles to get scientists to listen to his theory. But his theory becomes less of a theory when animal on human attacks increase to the point of being a serious threat to humanity. As more attacks are occurring now in densely populated cities from … Continue reading Zoo

the revenant a novel of revenge by michael punke

The Revenant

Being a regular scouting mission for experience frontiersman Hugh Glass and company in 1823 Missouri Territory. Things change drastically for Glass when he comes face-to-face with a grizzly bear that brings him near death. Not being expected to live two company men stay behind to tend to Glass before he dies. However, with the men … Continue reading The Revenant

Movies versus Books

Movies vs. Books: The Difference Between Them

If you have ever seen a movie that was based off a book you have read you probably noticed that from the book to movie things were not completely the same. Although some movies do stay true to the book, like The Martian by Andy Weir, it is not uncommon to see movies from books … Continue reading Movies vs. Books: The Difference Between Them

Mr. Mercedes By Stephen King

Mr. Mercedes

With a stolen Mercedes driving into a crowd of job seekers killing eight people and wounding more. The case still unsolved when retired police detective Bill Hodges, the one on the case before his retirement, gets a letter from the killer himself. Providing chilling details on how he loved the feeling of the death he … Continue reading Mr. Mercedes

How To Find a Book You Will Enjoy Reading

How to Find a Book that You Will Enjoy Reading

So a common question for many individuals who love to read when they come across a book randomly in a store is, "would I enjoy reading this?" This makes sense for no one wants to struggle through a book they are not enjoying and not finish the book. Although every book reader will have this … Continue reading How to Find a Book that You Will Enjoy Reading